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Our attorneys at O’Connor& Nakos have extensive experience in cases involving wrongful death. This experience includes claims based upon medical negligence, auto collisions, product liability, premises negligence, as well as workplace incidents. These claims involve catastrophic losses, which impact the immediate family of the decedent. Careful analysis and concern for these interests has become a strong point of our lawyers in their handling of these matters.

The lawyers at our firm handle all issues that are directly, or are indirectly involved with these cases. These issues include the direct loss to the estate of the decedent, survival claims, as well as applicable loss of society claims. Some of the results that our lawyers have achieved in their careers include:

$6,700,000 on behalf of an ironworker who died due to construction negligence

$5,200,000 on behalf of a painter whose scaffold came into contact with power lines and collapsed causing him to fall

$5,000,000 on behalf of an ironworker electrocuted on the job when a crane struck a power line

$5,000,000 on behalf of an ironworker who fell into power lines while working on a roof

A settlement of $4,700,000 on behalf of an ironworker who died from a scaffold collapse

A record setting verdict of $4,000,000, in Lake County, in a medical negligence case for the death of a 22 month old child

$3,200,000 verdict on behalf of a motorist killed at a railroad crossing in Will County

$3,100,000 verdict on behalf of a citizen of Chicago due to wrongful conduct as a result of a 911 emergency medical call

$1,100,000n on behalf of a motorcyclist who was killed when a car made an improper turn

$950,000 verdict on behalf of a 58 year old woman in a medical negligence case involving the failure to diagnosis

Let our experienced team of lawyers help you during the extremely difficult time when the loss of a loved one occurs.

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