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Our team of Chicago construction trial lawyers has collective experience in excess of 100 years of handling complex construction injury cases.

We recognize the importance of getting involved early to properly investigate the causes of construction accidents and to properly protect our clients and their families.

Our construction accident personal injury lawyers are skilled at acquiring thorough and complete investigations including when necessary, obtaining court orders to take jobsite equipment out of service for inspection, obtain access to jobsites, or requiring construction companies or the insurance companies to turn over all contracts, statements, and other relevant documents at the onset of the investigation.

The following is a sample of some results that our attorneys have acquired over their careers in the area of construction negligence on behalf of injured construction workers:

• $20,927,000 Ironworker’s verdict for a construction negligence case involving a worker whose arm was amputated and surgically re-implanted,

• $11,287.500 settlement for a sheet metal worker paralyzed when falling construction materials struck him at the waist,

• $7,120,000 settlement for a female crane oilier who suffered the amputation of her arm,

• $6,700,000 settlement in the wrongful death of an iron worker due to construction negligence,

• $5,000,000 settlement, the full limits of insurance, for a victim electrocuted at a construction site,

• $5,000,000 settlement in wrongful death of an iron worker due to an electrocution,

• $5,000,000 settlement for a carpenter who fell at work,

• $3,090,000 verdict for painter who fractured his wrist falling from a scaffold,

• $3,000,000 settlement, the full limits of insurance, for an ironworker who suffered a fractured pelvis in a workplace fall,

• $3,000,000 settlement for iron worker injured in crane collapse,

• $2,000,000 settlement for mason who injured his shoulder

• $9,250,000 for an ironworker who suffered mild brain damage and a neck injury which required a cervical fusion from a fall which setting structural steel.

• $5,200,000.00 settlement for the wife and daughter of a union painter who died when his scaffold collapsed.

• $4,700,000 settlement for the wrongful death of a construction worker injured when his scaffold tipped over.

• $4,500,000 settlement for an apprentice ironworker who became a paraplegic and subsequently died as a result of a fall while setting decking during construction of a distribution center.

• $2,780,000 verdict for a pipefitter who suffered back and knee injuries when he fell off a faulty ladder.

• $2,250,000 for an ironworker who developed necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating disease) after obtaining a minor cut and bruise to his thigh after a work-related incident.

• $1,750,000 to an ironworker that slipped and fell on an unsafe deck, causing severe injuries to his leg

• $5,100,000 settlement for a Joliet ironworker who suffered a fracture and cognitive and speech disorders as the result of a head injury when he was struck by a crane boom.

• $4,500,000 for the death of a 56 year old ironworker due to a fall.

• $1,400,000 verdict for an ironworker from Joliet who was injured while he jumped to avoid being crushed by a truss; he suffered a herniated disc in the lumbar region of his back.

• $1,300,000 settlement for a carpenter who fractured an elbow when he fell through a roof opening at a construction site.

• $1,200,000 settlement for a mason receiving a spinal injury when a masonry wall collapsed.

• $1,200,000 verdict for a dockworker who was struck by a chock which had been thrown up in the air by a forklift; causing him to be thrown into a pile of steel and suffering a herniated disc.

• $1,200,000 settlement for an ironworker who suffered derangement to his knee when he slipped on Visqueen improperly stored on the construction site.

• $1,100,000 settlement for an ironworker who suffered a fractured ankle when a beam stored on uneven ground rolled onto the worker.

• $1,115,000 for a Will County ironworker who sustained a back injury while removing decking sheets.

• $3,850,000 and waiver of the worker’s compensation lien for ironworker superintendent who slipped and fell 12-15 feet from a beam while taking measurements for decking placement. The ironworker fractured both ankles and his wrist

• $1,300,000 and waiver of worker’s compensation lien for a pipefitter injured due to a compressed air explosion while connecting pipe. The worker was thrown from a ladder and sustained compression fractures in his back, a fractured wrist, and penetration of glass, metal, and dirt in his face and eyes. The defendants agreed to the settlement figure even though the client had returned to work as a pipefitter.

• $1,250,000 and waiver of the worker’s compensation lien for a bricklayer struck by a stack pipe left unsecured by the plumbing contractor. The client underwent surgery to remove a herniated disc from his neck as well as treatment for jaw pain, headaches, and dizziness.

• $1,050,000 and waiver of worker’s compensation lien for an ironworker who slipped and fell on ice while welding. The client underwent surgery to his low back, but he courageously returned to ironwork. The Defendants met Plaintiff’s settlement demand once trial began.

• $1,350,000 settlement for an ironworker who tripped in a hole which had not been properly backfilled.

• $2,600,000 settlement for a laborer who was struck by a concrete panel that was not secured during interior demolition work. The general contractor and the architect/engineer contributed to the settlement.

• $4,065,000 record settlement for an ironworker who developed RSD when a bar joist fell over onto his foot.

• $3,350,000 settlement for an ironworker who went through guardrails and fell 10 feet injuring his back.

• $2,100,000 settlement for an ironworker who fell 25 feet and severely fractured his wrist.

• $1,650,000 settlement for an ironworker who fell off a bridge and injured his knee and shoulder.

• $810,315 record verdict in LaSalle County for an ironworker who was injured when a manlift ran over his ankle.

• $1,200,000 settlement for an ironworker who slipped on conduit. Case settled on the first day of trial despite Defendant’s contention from the start of the case that it would never come close to paying $1 million dollars for soft tissue injuries.

• $1,050,000 for a sprinkle-fitter who injured his knee when he fell from a ladder. Defendant increased offer from $300,000 to $1,050,000 after Mark’s opening statement.

• $1,000,000 for a sprinkle-fitter who fell and injured his knee due to a defective step on a scissors lift. Case settled even though there was significant comparative negligence by the Plaintiff who had known about the defective step for several weeks.

• $1,000,000 settlement for an ironworker after convincing the Appellate Court to reverse the trial court’s previous dismissal of the case.


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