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The Chicago personal injury attorneys at O’Connor & Nakos handle medical malpractice claims involving any and all medical specialties, nursing homes and hospitals. O’Connor & Nakos and its attorneys are committed to determining the liability with any hospital, nursing home, doctor, nurse, and other health care worker involved in injury or wrongful death. This commitment stands tall and strong in the face of unfair and biased attacks by large insurance companies and health care industry lobbyists who want to limit the rights of victims and consumers.

O’Connor & Nakos attorneys have protected patients and their legal rights by handling cases involving:

Wrongful Death
Mis-Diagnosis/Failure to Diagnose
Medication Errors
Negligent Surgery
Negligent Emergency Room Care
Falls in Hospital and Nursing Homes
Hospital Negligence
Pediatric Negligence

Below, find examples of results in medical malpractice cases that attorneys at O’Connor & Nakos have obtained for victims of medical malpractice throughout their careers.

$6,000,000 Medical malpractice settlement at the end of a jury trial for a 6 month old boy who sustained brain damage after an endotracheal tube became dislodged.

Record verdict of $4,000,000 for the wrongful death of a 22 month old child due to medical negligence. Viremia and purpura were misdiagnosed as earache and suspected child abuse. Despite suspicion, child was sent home with parents and died less than 24 hours later at another hospital.

$3,100,000 Medical Malpractice settlement for an infant with heart disease who suffered brain damage when hospital personnel failed to properly treat a high fever.

$1,500.000 settlement for the family of a Polish Immigrant who died after a neighborhood clinic failed to provide the proper care when he complained of chest pains.

Wrongful Death/Medical Malpractice settlement for 58 year old man injured in a car collision. It was alleged that the anesthesiologist failed to properly and timely respond to a dangerous drop in blood pressure during administration of pain medication. The case settled for $900,000.

Wrongful Death/Medical Malpractice verdict of $950,000 for a 58 year old woman who died after her internist failed to diagnose a rare blood clotting disorder resulting from medication given after she suffered a heart attack.

Wrongful Death/Medical Negligence settlement for $800,000 for a 68 year old man with Stage III colon cancer who died from an infection that his oncologist failed to diagnosis.


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