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O’Connor & Nakos represents victims in complex personal injury and wrongful death cases arising from the negligence of others in all aspects of premises liability. Premises liability refers to injuries that are caused by a hazardous condition or activity of a property owner. These cases may arise from injuries caused by slip and falls, trip and falls, hazardous activities conducted on a construction site, and improper maintenance of ground conditions.

Property holders may include homeowners, business owners, landlords, hospitals, construction contractors, municipalities, public agencies, nursing homes, department stores, grocery stores, and carnival grounds. Injuries can result from an unsafe condition on the land due to the negligence of the owner, or of a failure to warn the injured person of the dangers posed by a condition of the property. In order to determine liability, a thorough investigation will be made by our attorneys as to when the hazard was created, the amount of time the hazard existed, and whether the landowners knew about the hazard or should have known about the hazard.

If you believe you have a premises liability case, please contact the lawyers at O’Connor & Nakos, Ltd., in order to schedule a free initial consultation.




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